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18.9 acres, Texas Department of Transportation, 11 additional acres Mae Crockett Partners, LTD. 30 total acres

A map of the South Central Waterfront area with outlines approximating the Statesman and Crockett-owned properties, with the Statesman site outlined in pink and the Crockett site below it outlined in blue. Together, these sites add up to roughly 30 acres of developable land. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

(By the way, in a previous life I was an intern at Texas Highways Magazine, TxDOT’s travel publication, which then operated in one of the agency’s East Riverside Drive office buildings. Great gig, but I’m not going to shed many tears for the possible loss of those buildings — they were a dump.)

Views from the waterfront at the Statesman site, which includes a section of the hike-and-bike trail. Photos by James Rambin.

The Statesman site itself is the largest single component of the South Central Waterfront Initiative, a planning effort by the city to create and adopt a vision plan for the future of the area’s development. Speculative drawings and maps released by the city in its final version of the plan, which was adopted by the Austin City Council in 2016, show the Statesman site hosting a mixed-use planned unit development.

South Central Waterfront Initiative,

Part of the South Central Waterfront Initiative adopted by City Council in 2016, this map shows the Statesman site (large orange property on the right) as “PUD-entitled,” while labeling the Crockett-owned TxDOT office properties (below, in pink…or is that like, magenta?) as being “at a tipping point.” Image courtesy of the City of Austin.

People have thrown around the potential of a redeveloped Statesman site for quite a while, but lately I’ve fielded more emails and questions from random folks about the future of the property than ever before. There might be a couple of reasons for that in the news cycle, but I dunno. Although I’m still riding for Discount Visit New Extremely For Sale Womens Modern Beauty Bsw Bodysuit Triumph For Nice Sale Online Buy Cheap Prices Clearance Online Ebay HJrk15
being Austin’s best shot at the Amazon Legion of Doom, there’s a good chance the Statesman site was included in the multiple potential locations offered up in the city’s bid.

A map from the city’s South Central Waterfront Initiative Vision Plan showing a potential mixed-use planned unit development at the Statesman site and beyond. Image courtesy of the City of Austin.

It may fall a little short on acreage, but you literally couldn’t find a larger site this close to downtown — even if HQ2 lands elsewhere, any anchor tenant of a large mixed-use project here will inherit a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future look of downtown Austin as density spreads south of the river. And don’t forget the additional potential of the nearby Hooters PUD!

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At Belvedere Veterinary Center, pets are our passion, and that means a commitment to keeping them healthy. Vaccinations are the foundation for good pet health and protect your pet from diseases that can kill.

What Vaccinations Do

When we administer a vaccination, we inject a small of the illness, called an antigen, into the pet’s bloodstream. Rather than cause the illness, the antigens stimulate the pet’s immune system to develop strengthened immunity against the disease. Once they have achieved sufficient immunity, a pet only needs to be vaccinated yearly. However, since the immune systems of puppies and kittens are as yet fragile, they need smaller doses of the antigen administered more frequently until they reach 1 year of age.

Core vs. Non-Core Vaccinations

Just as the name suggests, core vaccinations are those that are absolutely necessary to keep your pet protected from extremely virulent diseases. In other words, these are non-negotiable. On the other hand, non-core vaccinations may be optional for your pet, depending on the kinds of activities he or she is involved with.

Core Vaccinations for Dogs

The protective vaccinations to keep your dog healthy and safe from dangerous diseases include:

Core Vaccinations for Cats

The protective vaccinations required to keep your cat healthy and safe from dangerous diseases include:

Non-core Vaccinations

The non-core vaccinations are administered based on lifestyle and the activities your pet pursues. For example, if you and your dog like to hike in the woods or country-side, we would recommend the Lyme disease vaccination. Also, the Bordetella vaccination, which protects against Kennel Cough, is recommended for dogs that will spend time in boarding facilities or doggy daycare. We will also be happy to tell you about the non-core vaccines for cats.

Keeping up with your pet’s vaccination schedule is one the most important ways of showing your love. Popular Cheap Price J Brand Woman Cottonjersey Top White Size S J Brand Pick A Best Discount Fashionable Best Deals gg2JXDn
and set up an appointment to ensure your pet is completely protected.

Rabies Canine Distemper Canine Hepatitis Feline Herpes Panleukopenia

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