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A Wealth of Common Sense

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In my last post I looked at a short history of drawdowns in foreign developed stock markets .

Investing in international markets may seem like a kick in the pants at the moment. Not only have U.S. stocks been outperforming for some time now, but the losses have been more severe and commonplace overseas.

Markets are inherently cyclical so investor risk appetites are up and down right with them. Diversification is supposed to take advantage of cycles or at the very least lessen their impact on performance. So an aversion to markets that are performing relatively poorly is an aversion to diversification.

It makes sense that U.S. investors would be looking to avoid poorly performing markets.

I would guess it could work out forinvestors who have all their equity exposure in the U.S. but here are some considerations for those who are both for and against diversifying globally:

Diversification benefits. Since 1970, theU.S. has outperformed the MSCI EAFE (Europe, Australasia and the Far East) 23 out of 48 calendar years (thus, foreign stocks have outperformed 25 of 48 years).

Diversification benefits.

Relative performance numbers have been extremely cyclical as well:

The U.S. has outperformed over this entire period but it’s interesting to note that all of this outperformance has occurred since 2010. From 1970-2009, the annual returns were 10.2% annually for the EAFE and 9.9% per year for the U.S.

A portfolio split 70% in the U.S. and 30% in foreign stocks, rebalanced annually, would have given an investor an identical 10.5% annual return to U.S. stocks with a slightly lower volatility that each of the individual indexes themselves.

The SP had a lost decade from 2000-2009, falling almost 10% in total. In that time, the EAFE index rose almost 20% in total. Both of these are dismal returns for a 10-year stretch but 30% in relative returns is better than nothing.

While it’s always difficult to hold onto or rebalance into a relative underperformer, diversifying reduces the regret from not owning the better performer of the two. So international diversification can provide psychological benefits beyond portfolio management considerations.

Behavioral diversification. Diversification can not only help with your own emotions about investing, but it can allow you to take advantage of the emotions of others as well. Human nature is the one constant we’re all forced to deal with when investing but people from different countries and regions are bound to react differently to their own situations.

Behavioral diversification.

You could perform all of the sector, valuation, or economic analysis you want to compare foreign stocks to U.S. shares but the cultural element and different ways people approach the markets is an underrated facet of global diversification.

The medical information of the eligible CPP women was queried down from the CHS computerized data warehouse by using their unique personal identification numbers. The control group was randomly selected from among the CHS-insured females listed in the computerized database, matched for age, year of birth, and community clinic. According to the size of the cohort, the control group comprised 413 women: 283 for the GnRHa-treated group, and 130 for the untreated group.

The CHS database is a comprehensive state-of-the-art computerized data warehouse that stores demographic and medical data. Data are aggregated by continuous real-time input from physicians and health service providers and include anthropometric measurements, vital signs, laboratory data, and pharmaceutical information. Data can be queried to the level of an individual member. The diagnoses of chronic diseases—hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, and malignancy—in the CHS database are validated by systematic methodology based on the diagnosis of the primary care physician, chronic medication use, laboratory results, hospitalization diagnosis, and malignancy registry ( 12 ).

The CHS performs logistic checks by comparing diagnoses from various sources and by direct validation of the diagnoses by the treating physicians of each patient.

For the purpose of our study, we queried current demographic data (age), anthropometric measures (height, weight), blood pressure, and diagnosis of chronic diseases (ie, diabetes, hypertension, and malignancy).

Extracted from the medical files of all the CPP girls (treated and untreated) were age, height, and weight at onset of puberty, at menarche, and at last visit; the data obtained from the files of the treated girls included these data at initiation and cessation of therapy with GnRHa.

The data of the former CPP group (treated and untreated) was located within the CHS database via the subjects' unique personal identification numbers.

In all participants (former CPP and their controls) BMI (weight in kilograms/square of height in meters) was calculated using the most recent anthropometric measurements documented in the CHS database. BMI was used as the index of body weight according to the World Health Organization criteria: underweight, <18.5 kg/m 2 ; normal weight, 18.5–24.9 kg/m 2 ; overweight, 25.0–29.9 kg/m 2 ; and obese, ≥30 kg/m 2 ( 13 ).

In childhood and adolescence, the BMI of all the CPP girls was calculated at diagnosis and at the last clinic visit, and BMI of the treated girls was also calculated at the discontinuation of GnRHa treatment. The evolution of BMI of the former CPP cohort from childhood through adolescence to adulthood was assessed by using BMI percentiles. In childhood and adolescence, BMI values were converted to age- and gender-specific percentiles according to the CDC 2000 ( 14 ); in adulthood, BMI values were converted according to the anthropometric reference data for all ages of the US population in 2003–2006 found in the latest National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and National Center for Health Statistics ( 15 ). BMI percentiles were used as the index of body weight through childhood and adolescence: underweight, < fifth percentile; normal weight, fifth to 84th percentiles; overweight, 85th to 94th percentiles; and obese, ≥95th percentile ( 16 ).

617-484-8030 | info@belmontbasec.org

Belmont After School Enrichment Collaborative

» Vacation Programs » February Program

February Vacation Program Registration is now closed. Thank you to all our 2018 families!

BASEC’s Vacation Programs are designed to provide your child with a fun and enriching week spent immersed in a subject of his/her choice, from basketball to the arts.

When enrolling, you will be asked to choose your first and second curriculum choices.If you have questions about which curriculum choices are right for you, please contact us at Free Shipping Sale Shop Offer Online Tart Collections Woman Arianne Cutout Printed Stretchmodal Mini Dress Black Size XS Tart Collections Get Ebay For Sale Cheap Big Discount Jtc1y

This program is currently closed for registration.

Grade: Kindergarten

Camp for kindergarteners follows theroutine and structure of kindergarten after school, utilizing a separate classroom space and incorporating activities that foster social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Led by our beloved after school kindergarten teacher, Mrs. T, each day has a different theme and students participate in activities from art and gym to story time and free play.

Grades: 1st 2nd

A BASEC favorite! Kathy McClallen leads students through all the stages of preparation of delicious dishes! The menu always includes fun appetizers, main courses and desserts.

Students learn how to approach a recipe; measure, prepare and combine ingredients; and, of course, taste the results! BASEC cooking classes have been featured in Heidi Klum Intimates Woman Lowrise Lace Thong Black Size L Heidi Klum Intimates Get To Buy Buy Cheap Get Authentic Fm1SyLobV
and are always a combination of fun and learning!

Grades: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

The scientist’s laboratory and the artist’s studio are two of the last places reserved for open-ended inquiry. Annie Gladfelter (BASEC Director of Community Education and Engagement) bridges STEM to STEAM by integrating the arts with our popular silly science curriculum in this project-based section.

STEM and arts integration are crucial in K – 12 education, engaging students in the STEM subjects and ensuring that creativity isn’t left behind as we seek solutions to problems. Artists and scientists tend to approach challenges by the same open-mindedness and inquisitiveness–they make natural partners!

Grades: 1st through 8th

There’s something for everyone in this multidisciplinary arts extravaganza! Students can choose to focus on acting, singing, musical instruments, visual arts, or some of each as they collaborate on an ensemble performance! Led by BASEC Arts Team: Cate O’Brien, Evan Eckstrom, Jamie Meditz, Felisia Sainz and Sam Taber. Culminates with a performance that will highlight your students’ creative strengths in a fun devised production. The performance will be held on the Thursday afternoonof camp week.

Please indicate when signing up which arts area or areas your child would like to focus on (acting, singing, musical instruments, visual arts).

Grades: 5th through 8th
BASEC Community Service Specialist, Cortnay Varela, leads this very popular choice for our middle school students. We teach students how to navigate the greater Boston area safely and positively, with planned field trips each day. This year, Outing Club is adding a community outreach element to its offerings, which will include touring and volunteering at local nonprofits. Through experiential learning, students will gain a better understanding of marginalized populations in their community. Students will also be eligible to earn community service hours for time spent volunteering!
The group meets at camp in the morning, then travels together on public transportation to local museums, cultural landmarks, and other places of interest in and around Boston. Highlights from past weeks include a North End tour with bocce ball; pizza and bowling in Cambridge; a Fenway Park tour and the movies at Landmark Center.

Grades 2 – 8

BASEC Sports Specialists Danny MacAuley and James Burke take the lead where competition meets good sportsmanship and teamwork. We’re expanding our typical basketball-only offering for 2018. James and Danny will blend many different athletic choices in organized instruction and games throughout the week.

Grades: 4th, 5th, 6th

Students will team up on a common vision, a student-created design utilizing 2D (Scratch) and 3D (Tinkercad) platforms. Students explore the fundamentals of coding and will use web-based programs to put their ideas into action. Feedback will be delivered authentically, as students see how their choices on the computer screen are handled by the programs and by BASEC’s 3D printer!

Additional Information

Which grade is currently in?

Is currently registered for the 2018 - 2019 school year? + $75.00

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Pay $445.00
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Report absence or to reach BASEC Vacation staff: (781) 296-2471

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February Vacation Program is based at Burbank Elementary School, 266 SchoolStreet, Belmont, MA.

New for 2018: April Vacation Program is based at Chenery Middle School, 95 Washington Street, Belmont, MA


Full day program, 8:30 AM to 5 PM for vacation weeks *


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